About Us

Steve and Don Corrigan started Corrigan’s Custom Built Structures nearly 40 years ago when they teamed up to build a farm shed for their father.  The outcome was so good that friends and neighbors asked for their building services for all types of buildings, which led to Corrigan’s becoming a full-time business, including commercial and pre-engineered steel buildings.

Corrigan’s CBS, has since become a full-service, second generation, family run construction company, where we can help you by: finding a construction site, creating the design of your building, erecting the building as well as putting on the finishing touches so it is ready for you or your business.  Whether you need: a franchise, professional building, wood-and-masonry buildings, a structural steel project or pre-engineered building, or any other type of building – our experience, expertise, craftsmanship, attention-to-detail and quality, will ensure that your building is done right the first time and ready for you on time, on budget, and on schedule.